This blog came to be when I found myself wanting to share some of my own thoughts and give positive messages to anyone willing to listen. 

When I first started it...people would say "keep writing!" So I did. 

I started writing a memoir called "The Sensitive One" about seven years ago. The words came flooding out and easy at times. Other times, more difficult. Then the editing came. Now-the publishing.

My first memoir will come out in the Fall of 2021.

What I found out about myself through the writing process was a new found awareness of how my upbringing set the stage for my later life. Trying to make sense of all that took layer by layer understanding. 

The Sensitive One is about resiliency and recreating a life on one's own terms. It's a story of how our legacy lives within us, and how healing from the adverse of childhood can truly take a lifetime. 

“This above all; to thine own self be true.”

—William Shakespeare 

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