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A story of redemption - of a woman who manages to escape harrowing circumstances and start a new, but it's also a story of how our legacy lives within us, and how healing from the adverse effects of childhood can truly take a lifetime.

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Appreciation of Born in the USA ...

On this day...the 4th of July ( oh yeah it's also my birthday month :) )

Let's try to remember that we live among the free and the brave. Ok, so our leader is not brave, in fact is a coward in terms of dealing with the real issues...but that in itself is a totally different topic and one I do not want to waste my time on.

I will spend my time writing briefly about how I feel about living in the USA. I appreciate the freedom, a lifestyle not know to some. I appreciate our freedom of speech, also not know by some. And, as a writer ...where would that leave me?

After traveling this past year to India, I thought of so many American things while there.

Some of these things:

~ American Toilets :)

~ Our different cultures, races,

~ How we pay to wash our cars and shine them

~ Talking to strange in elevators and supermarkets

~ Our food portions..yikes to large. Eating with utensils.

~ Being able to drive a car

~ Drive throughs everywhere

~ The size of our roads

~ So much to do in the cities

~ Chatting with waiters

~ Leaving large tips at restaurants

~ Turning right on red

~ Our health care system

~ Large parking lots

~ Being able to drink plain water

These are just some random thoughts...I could go on and on.

Bottom line...No matter what is going on in the world right now...the norm to wear masks everywhere, afraid to touch and breath near on this 4th of July I am grateful to be alive and living in the USA.

I hope you are too!



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