The Sensitive One

A story of redemption - of a woman who manages to escape harrowing circumstances and start a new, but it's also a story of how our legacy lives within us, and how healing from the adverse effects of childhood can truly take a lifetime.

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  • susan f morris

Express Yourself

Just to be able to be human to express ourselves through words makes me grateful today. Sometimes it's just the little things I remember...but life is so full of all of these moments....

I remember standing at the alter with bruce saying "I do."

I remember the day of Joe's birth.

I remember the song "You are so Beautiful" was playing when Beca was born.

I remember breastfeeding Lisa.

I remember the pain and sadness of my youth.

I remember the day of my cancer diagnosis.

I remember playing in the snow as a child.

I remember watching and waiting for the street lights to come on before we could wake our parents on Christmas morning.

I remember the smell of Jean Nate on my grandmother.

I remember seeing her in the hospital dying.

I remember seeing a human heart beating inside a persons chest.

I remember seeing all of the blood from a patient on the operating table leave his body and be transferred to a machine.

I remember the smell of burning flesh.

I remember counting bloody gauze pads in the operating room.

I remember seeing a foot with half of a leg just sitting there on table all by itself.

I remember seeing an entire spine up close inside a young girls body.

I remember my first black eye.

I remember the pain I felt when my dad came home drunk.

I remember the first time I shaved my legs.

I remember the smell of my dad.

I remember the sounds of the ocean.

I remember riding the waves at the beach.

I remember almost drowning in the waves.

I remember my grandmothers purple hair and red lipstick.

I remember my grandfather's cane and his pet name for me-"Pet."

I remember my grandfather's 85th birthday.

I remember Rome.

I remember swimming with stingrays with bruce.

I remember when life seemed to go slow.

I remember my dog Molly as a puppy.

I remember my first car...a white Nissan Sentra.

I remember Nursing school.

I remember how proud I felt.

I remember seeing Bruce for the first time.

I remember feeling depressed.

I remember smelling hazelnut coffee for the first time.




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