The Sensitive One

A story of redemption - of a woman who manages to escape harrowing circumstances and start a new, but it's also a story of how our legacy lives within us, and how healing from the adverse effects of childhood can truly take a lifetime.

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  • susan f morris

Only Love Matters

As I walk to my car and place my water bottle in the cup holder, I ask myself... Where the heck is my mask? Yup! This is what life as we know it has come down to. I am venturing out from my safe haven cocoon that I have been in for almost 2 months now. The only real place I've ventured out to was for a walk on this nature path that I love nearby. My mask is going supposed to offer me protection from the human race....And they need protection from me. Weird right? I've swear I've seen a movie like that.

Who would have ever thought that something like this could happen? Well, I guess it doesn't matter now-because it's here - The COVID 19 Pandemic- And... I don't see it going away any time soon.

Today, I am going to visit my Mom at Eddy Hawthorne Ridge, her home for about a year and a half now. I know I can only see her from a window, but that's ok. I NEED to see her and she NEEDS to see me. She lives in the Memory Care Unit. My biggest fear these days is that I will get to my moms place and she would have forgotten who I am. Today, I am grateful for the fact that she is being well taken care of, she is safe, well fed, not alone, has health care right there if she needs it and for the fact that she doesn't really understand what's going on. The staff there are amazing, they know her, laugh with her and treat her like their own mother. There are still zero Covid cases there.

My mom is a big part of my new memoir "The Sensitive One." We were not always close, but that is so much different today. Through the writing of my book, and the mourning process in which I went through to write it, I have gained perspective in that the fact that lives with me today. The only thing that really matters in life in LOVE. And love remains-even through a diagnosis of Alzheimers.

Our visit was brief but great. I love you Mom xox



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